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Rodent Control is a major problem and concern in Florida because of the many risks these critters carry with them. Heat and humidity make Florida not only a huge breeding ground for rodents, but also for the bacteria they carry. Rodents carry mites and fleas, as well as spread microscopic bacteria, and their droppings can threaten the health of your family. Without utilizing the correct strategies to remove them, you are permitting these nuisances to breed and acquire more undesirable visitors. American Insulation & Rodent Solutions rat control will deal with your current issue and keep you shielded from any future ones. You’ll get a genuine peace of mind while ensuring your family in Florida with American Insulation & Rodent Solutions rodent control, humane rat removal, and critter trapping services.


At times, Animals and people unintentionally begin to share a similar space or home. This for the most part makes a wide range of issues for both the general population and animals. In order for critters to enter a home, they need to cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. Once entered, these rodents can inflict damage to a family member or pet due the the diseases and bacteria they bring, and ever moreso in their feces and urine. At times like this, one of the two parties is forced to leave, and this is where we come in.

We specialize in the craft of securely catching and removing these creatures from the property. We take pride in our practice of humanely and efficiently removing these animals. In our humane attempts, we now work with non-profit organizations who rehabilitate and relocate the animals back into a safer environment away from people and neighborhoods. American Insulation and Rodent Solutions traps and removes a wide range of animals, below you will find a list of some of the most well-known:

  • Raccoons

  • Opossum

  • Fox

  • Skunk

  • Armadillo

  • Squirrels

  • Iguanas

Angry Opossum 1 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 3822 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 3650 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 3643 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 1941 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 3821 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.
Img 1940 | American Insulation &Amp; Rodent Solutions Inc.


For Top-notch quality , state-of-the-art rodent control and prevention services, attic insulation cleaning, or removal, call (954) 681-8626 or fill out our form for a quote. We come fast and take care of the issue so you don’t have to.