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About American Insulation & Rodent Solutions

American Insulation & Rodent Solutions Inc values the safety of people and critters altogether. All animal trapping services are performed by experts who have been trained to securely catch and remove these creatures in the most humane way. We work with non-profit organizations that then rehabilitate these critters and release them back into a safer and more natural environment.

We do not only work with rodents and nuisance wildlife, we take pride in providing excellent service with insulation sanitizing, removal, and replacement.

The bacteria that can be found in dirty insulation is astounding. The heat in Florida combined with an attic is a perfect home for germs and bacteria, and that’s where we come in to make sure it gets neutralized and substituted.

What We Do

Rat Removal

Attic Cleanup

Odor Elimination

Building Repairs to Prevent Animal Re-Entry

Worried about your AC Unit? We’ve got you covered. Whether you need air conditioner maintenancea/c installation, repair, or just a check-up. Call 561.334.7038 or visit our site!

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Animal Removal

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Rodents / Wildlife do quick damage and we will professionally and humanely remove rodents from residential or business areas. These unwanted guests pose a serious danger to the structure of our homes, or the people who live in them.

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Insulation Services

Rodents will leave all sorts of vile trails behind if they have inhabited your attic. Diseases can be found in their feces and urine, diseases that can harm humans. Our experts will sanitize, disinfect, remove and replace insulation.

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Disease Control

According to the CDC, there are many diseases that can be transmitted directly and indirectly from rodents. Disease that fester in the rodent’s feces, dander, and body all together. As professionals, it is our duty to help trap rodents, seal any openings made, and clean up any damage and disgust left by the rodents.

We help sanitize and disinfect any area the rodent has come across. Take the proper precautions and let us handle the dirty work.
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